How to Host an At-Home Book Swap

October 2015

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Do you have a group of book-loving friends who love to talk about their latest literary endeavors? Get them all together for a book swap at your home! These fun gatherings are great opportunities for you to trade books that you’ve read and loved and receive new recommendations. Here are a few simple tips for… Read more »

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While the idea of adding houseplants in your home seems nice, it can sometimes be more difficult than it seems. If you’re ready to throw in the towel (or, rather, the gardening gloves) and accept your non-green thumb, don’t quit just yet: these low-maintenance plants are perfect for people just like you. Pothos. Perhaps the… Read more »

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With Autumn just arriving, we hope everyone enjoys all of the fun this season has to offer! Happy Fall!

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"Though we may come to the table with a variety of hopes and needs, we can relate through the universal necessity to nourish our bodies and connect with others." This is the guiding philosophy at 5th and Taylor, a popular spot in Nashville for both brunch and dinner. Part of the reason people love to… Read more »

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Decorating on a budget? That’s okay! There are a number of ways to create a cozy, stylish home without draining your bank account, but it takes a bit of creativity to get things just right. Here are a few smart ideas for how to update your home on any type of budget.s Throw pillows. Whether… Read more »