How to Curate and Design a Catalog-Worthy Gallery Wall

December 2015

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Gallery walls are certainly not new things in the design world, but if you have yet to try out this simple DIY decor idea, now might be just the time. Spice up any bare wall in your home at 380 Harding Apartments using these inspirational tips for curating and designing a gallery wall that even… Read more »

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Organizing your fridge doesn’t just keep things in their right place, it also lengthens the lifespan of the foods inside. Here are a few smart ways to get the most storage space out of your refrigerator. Start by going through your entire refrigerator and throwing away anything that is past its expiration date. Wipe out… Read more »

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Whether you come for lunch, brunch, or dinner, a feast of authentic French fare at Le Sel will not disappoint. Brunch does seem to be the standout, though, and maybe that's because it offers so many sweet and savory treats from the very beginning of the menu. Chocolate croissants and Brioche sticky buns kick off… Read more »

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As sweater weather approaches we hope you all stay warm and cozy this season! What are some of your favorite winter activities?

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Consuming iron-rich foods helps your cells transport oxygen throughout our body, preventing fatigue and supplying energy. So getting enough iron each day is important, and it can be very easy if you know which foods to look for. Incorporate these two iron-rich foods into your diet if you're lacking in the mineral: Dark chocolate. Treat… Read more »