5 Delicious Herbs Every Home Chef Should Have in Their Kitchen

If you’ve ever cooked with fresh herbs, you know that they make a world of difference in the flavor of your dish. Luckily, herbs are very easy to grow right on your windowsill at 380 Harding Apartments! Here are 5 must-have herbs that will add depth and complexity to pastas, meats, salads or even beverags.

  1. Chives. Even if you don’t have much light in your kitchen, chives are sure to thrive. These mild, onion-like herbs are a great substitute for onions in a dish, and they’re easy to grow from an already-established plant from your local nursery.
  2. Mint. For everything from fruit salads to summer cocktails, mint is a wonderful addition. This hearty herb grows very quickly and heartily, and it also gives off a wonderfully fresh scent in your kitchen.
  3. Oregano. For kitchens with bright sunlight, oregano is a must-have herb. This rich herb is perfectly paired with Italian dishes.
  4. Basil. While basil isn’t the easiest herb to grow indoors, it is very worthwhile in dishes like pizzas, pastas and salad dressings. Just keep a careful eye on it in the wintertime.
  5. Rosemary. If you’re a forgetful plant-owner, rosemary is the perfect herb for you. Because this one prefers to stay dry, it only needs minimal watering. It’s also perfect to add to chicken or fish dishes.

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