5 Must-Know Tips for Beginner Runners


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No exercise routine is easy at the beginning, but for many people, running is particularly difficult. Once you get into the groove of things, however, your morning run might just become the most enjoyable part of your day. Here are a few expert tips for beginning runners, including how to stick to your new routine…. Read more »

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If your skin is feeling dry and tired but you don’t want to splurge on a pricey spa treatment, there are quite a few ways to get the same pampering effects at home. Here are a few recipes for DIY body scrubs that promise to slough off dead skin and leave you feeling rejuvenated. DIY… Read more »

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Flowers look beautiful in your home, but you also love them for the lovely scent they emit throughout your space. If you want to fill your home with the unmistakable aroma of fresh-cut blooms, these are the top five best flowers to choose. Lavender. The purple-blue flowers on the lavender plant are instantly recognizable, as… Read more »

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Many people struggle with spelling, especially with today's advancing autocorrect technologies on cell phones, computers, and other commonly used electronic devices. If you want to improve your spelling skills and, in turn, improve your professional communications, these fun online quizzes can help. Merriam-Webster’s Commonly Misspelled Words If you’re an okay speller but you frequently find… Read more »

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If you’ve been known to stuff your unworn clothes and shoes into a closet and then spend far too long rummaging around for something to wear, you may benefit from these simple tips for organizing your closet. Get rid of unworn clothes. One of the most common reasons behind an overflowing closet is an excess… Read more »

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Poultry is such a versatile meat, you could eat it every day of the week and never have the same dish twice. If you’re looking for new and exciting ways to prepare chicken or turkey, here are some delightful recipes from the National Institutes of Health: "Fried" Rice and Chicken Okay, so fried rice isn’t… Read more »

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If your kids love to play with play dough, you might consider making your own version at home instead of purchasing store-bought brands. Whether you’re concerned with your child’s health or you simply want to save a few bucks, both you and your child are sure to love these three play dough recipes. Colored Play… Read more »

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You went into your weight loss plan with high hopes and determination, but somewhere along the way you started feeling pretty worn out. If your diet feels more frustrating than it’s worth, you may need a bit of help. These handy weight loss apps will help you to manage the foods you eat and count… Read more »

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If you love doing DIY projects to spruce up your home, you’ll light up over these unexpected ways to dress up your basic lampshades. From polka dotted designs to artistic tie dyed effects, these tutorials have something for every type of home decor—and you can complete them in just a matter of hours! Fabric Covered… Read more »

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Whether you want to save a bit of money or you simply love making things with your own hands, DIY (Do It Yourself) projects are becoming an increasingly popular alternative for many homeowners. These inspirational DIY websites will teach you how to make just about anything you can imagine. Better Homes and Gardens If you… Read more »