Imponderable of the Day: Why Do Doughnuts Have Holes?


• October 7, 2014 • Comments are off for this post

If you’re like most people, your thought process surrounding doughnuts likely only focuses on where the best place is to get them and which flavors to choose once you get there! If you take a break from enjoying your sugary sweet pastry for a moment and actually think about the mechanics of a doughnut, you… Read more »

• September 4, 2014 • Comments are off for this post

You’re cutting up some vegetables for tonight’s stir fry, and just as your slice into that flavorful onion, your eyes instantly start to water. What gives? It’s common knowledge that cutting onions makes people cry, but most of us still don’t know what it happens. The reason why onions make people cry is actually much… Read more »

• August 5, 2014 • Comments are off for this post

When styled correctly, a coffee table can have a positive impact on the overall aesthetic of a space. However, there's a fine line between a chic display and a cluttered mess. Here are three tips to help ensure your table is making the right statement. 1) Only display items worthy of displaying. That is to… Read more »

• July 8, 2014 • Comments are off for this post

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