Phat Bites: Dig Into a Ninja Bomb Wrap


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You probably wouldn't expect to find something as gourmet as feta cheese hummus at a casual deli, but Phat Bites in East Nashville doesn't care to conform to your preconceived notions. This popular lunch spot on Lebanon Pike dishes out diverse sandwiches, salads, and snacks, many of them inspired by international flavors. So instead of… Read more »

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It didn't take long for Mitchell Delicatessen to win over the residents of East Nashville. Within hours of opening in 2008, it had to close its doors—because it had sold out of food. Its early success was all thanks to a simple concept dreamed up by its founder: craft creative sandwiches using locally sourced ingredients…. Read more »

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Munier Hantoli worked as a professional baker for more than three decades before he launched Roma Pizza and Pasta in Nashville in 1999. Over the years, his eatery has built such a reputation for fresh, high-quality Italian food that regulars automatically order from here when they're in the mood to enjoy takeout pizza at home…. Read more »

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When Sean McNamara landed his first server job at Mulligan's Pub in the mid-'90s, he had no idea it was the first step toward opening his own Irish pub. Along the way, he began performing Irish music as he continued serving food and drink in various restaurants around Nashville. After meeting his wife Paula, a… Read more »

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When you hear the name “Aquarium Restaurant,” it may cross your mind for a brief moment that it could be a combination restaurant and aquarium, until you dismiss it as something that doesn’t exist. But don’t dismiss the idea so quickly – that’s exactly what this place is! Visitors are seated around a 200,000-gallon tank,… Read more »

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Whether you come for lunch, brunch, or dinner, a feast of authentic French fare at Le Sel will not disappoint. Brunch does seem to be the standout, though, and maybe that's because it offers so many sweet and savory treats from the very beginning of the menu. Chocolate croissants and Brioche sticky buns kick off… Read more »

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Bear Creek Farms. G & G Family Dairy, Kenny's Cheese, and Noble Springs Dairy. Fall Mills Farms. These are just a few of the homesteads and businesses around Nashville responsible, in part, for the farm-to-fork food at The Farm House. Chef Trey only sources his ingredients from the best of the best; he himself checked… Read more »

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"Though we may come to the table with a variety of hopes and needs, we can relate through the universal necessity to nourish our bodies and connect with others." This is the guiding philosophy at 5th and Taylor, a popular spot in Nashville for both brunch and dinner. Part of the reason people love to… Read more »

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"A chef's comfort food." That's how The Stillery's "About Us" page describes the fare you'll find at this popular Nashville watering hole. Gourmet burgers, brick-oven-cooked pizzas, crisp salads—they're all on the menu at The Stillery. Some stand out more than others, though. For instance, the hot chicken sandwich garners special acclaim from customers. Stuffed with… Read more »

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At The Cookery, a burger isn't just a burger. It's a step toward a brighter future for apprentices in the kitchen. Launched by members of a local nonprofit that helped homeless men in the area get back on their feet, The Cookery does the same. The men work in the kitchen learning the culinary arts… Read more »