Donelson Branch Library: A Wonderful Community Center with Events and More

Things To Do

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One of the largest libraries in the Nashville Public Library system, the Donelson Branch Library is a favorite location for its convenience, events, and wide variety of materials available to check out. This branch is in a great location and is easily accessible by public transportation. It hosts a wealth of events for children, including… Read more »

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Regal Cinemas Opry Mills has everything you need to enjoy a full-length film: well-maintained concession stand, comfortable theaters, and stadium seating. But it also has some extras you won't find at other theaters. For one thing, this cineplex features an IMAX auditorium, where movie-viewing is taken to a new level with 3D glasses and a… Read more »

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Don't expect state-of-the-art touch screens, call buttons to summon servers, or a high-tech sound system at Donelson Bowl. As its sign proudly proclaims, it was established in 1960, and although there have been upgrades since then, it's still solidly old school. And judging from Yelp reviews, this vintage vibe is exactly what customers enjoy most… Read more »

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Housed in a rehabbed industrial laundromat, The Family Wash works overtime as a performance venue, bar, and coffee shop. The gritty-chic ambiance is completed by high ceilings, exposed ductwork, concrete floors, and excellent acoustics. Fans of this Nashville hotspot return regularly to check out the different nightly performances. The vibe is laid-back and friendly, and… Read more »

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Like most artists, Chuck Beard wears many literary hats: freelance writer, editor, author. So he knows firsthand how hard it can be for budding writers to find a bookstore that will take a chance on their work. That's why he opened East Side Story in Nashville. He wanted a platform from which Nashville's writers could… Read more »

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"It's as though someone went through the records I own, and the records I want, and put them into a store." That's how one fan describes Fond Object Records in Nashville, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. There's much more than meets the eye (at least from the sidewalk) at this quirky shop… Read more »

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"Where fitness meets adventure." It's a fitting tagline for Climb Nashville, because this gym looks nothing like the treadmill-filled establishments you've probably come to expect. It's flooded with color; the ceilings soar; and in lieu of strength-training equipment, there are massive rock-climbing walls. Climb Nashville does have more traditional workout rooms if that's what you… Read more »

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Hot yoga is about more than just challenging your body; it's really about deepening your practice. Even if you've been a yogi for years, a hot yoga class could take your skills to the next level. The heat offers an element of intensity, but it also allows you to bend and stretch more deeply (and… Read more »

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If you've never heard of the Meura Micro Mash Filter, then you probably aren't alone. Even the most devoted home-brewers may not be acquainted with this piece of equipment because it shows up so rarely in American breweries. Tennessee Brew Works was the first to enlist this top-of-the-line filter in North America. Along with a… Read more »

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Thomas G. Ryman, a successful businessman and steamboat captain, was captivated by the sermons of Reverend Sam Jones. So much so, in fact, that when he first heard them in the 1880s, he decided Reverend Jones deserved a bigger stage. He committed to building an auditorium where the reverend's words could reach everyone easily, and… Read more »